1. More Behind The Scenes photos from our Collaboration with 1ll Society

    1ll society is a Philadelphia artist made apparel collective! We are super excited to be involved with the Get 1ll campaign, as well as bringing a feminine touch and styling to the all male (so far) apparel which is OFTEN worn by girls anyway! So, we re constructed and added some faking fashion aesthetic to a few sample garments and Liz Kreitschmann photographed a shoot for us today starring ourselves and beautiful dancer Jessica Mockrish on the Campus of Swarthmore college, half catalogue style, half inspired by running through the woods in horror films. The collection and Zak Parson’s( 1ll society founder) Senior thesis exhibit a la POP UP SHOP on FRIDAY THE 13th! (April) if you are in the philadelphia area come check it out for exclusive deals, one of a kind peices from several artists and prob a sick after party!


  2. check out this blog out of Portland, wilsontown thanks for the support!

  3. Jordana was so fun to work with! wearing betsey johnson and miu miu sunglasses with masquerade neckpiece styled by holly smith

  4. talia wearing vintage lace and covered in clips!! ahh photo secrets! >_<

  5. Today Holly was the Wardrobe stylist for photographer Peter Wodarczyk and models Jordana Jagdeo and Talia Arochas.  With Hair by Hairhappy and makeup by the FABULOUS Daniel Bayu, we had a great time and loved the looks- here are some behind-the-scene- super secret phone photos!!!

    you can see Peter’s work at peterwfoto.com/

    and daniel is on twitter @DanielBayu

  6. polka dot collar $25

    (free gift if you mention tumblr)


  7. becky wearing the cotton ruffle cocktail dress by holly !