1. ratbabybrand:

    Catalog shoot // Rat Baby F/W 13’ - it’s coming right for you (eyes wide open)

    @juliacampbelkillduff and @holly_msmith for RAT BABY BRAND coming soon! 

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  2. work clothes



  3. Holly by Charlette

    Halloween babies

    vintage betsey johnson

    We use nail art stickers as bindis, they are cheaper and you can get a pack with a hundred in it rather than $5 for 3 bindis.  we used beyond the zone hair chalk makeup in pink on our roots, and black lipstick which is easiest to find and cheapest this time of year! pick some up at CVS!

  4. Anja Rubik in BALMAIN by Camilla Akrans for Numero

  5. hollymgolightly:

    elizabeth olsen in bulletmagazine

  6. Holly’s outfit <3.

  7. #Get1ll @Corsa

    Charlette sporting some magenta hair for the release of Faking Fashion’s Capsule Collection for 1ll Society , this friday at Corsa in Philly! 

  9. Monday, Monday, Monday.

    Overcast muggy weather set a nice grungey mood for our mid-day break on the roof of the James Oliver and Goldilocks’ Gallerys’ building. In clothes and shoes from H&M Paris, 1ll Society, Dr. Marten and various thrift stores, we checked out the graffiti, and the view of center city. Holly paired a sandy colored chiffon-y dress with her temporarily pinkish hair and brown jaquard blazer with her go-to nappa Page Dr Martens. Charlette’s lace eyelet vest adds a vintage and crafty feel to her urban inspired hoodie from the Get 1ll series, and studded denim shorts with some 90s dress shoes complete with chunky heel.

    #Get1ll @1llSociety

  12. -Tan Snakeskin Dress from H&M Paris

    -Dr. Marten’s


  14. Holly and I went out and played on the Goldilocks Gallery roof during our James Oliver Gallery internship today <3.