1. Casual Spring wardrobe inspiration

    denim and tees,  leather, all white

    grungey hair, natural makeup, sundress and sneakers

    Codie Young for LOVE magazine by Gen Kay 

  2. Found this today for 50 cents #lancome #paris #canvasbag #shopping

  3. one of our favorite pieces from the couture shows, holographic looking houndstooth in rainbow at Chanel Fall 2012 Couture

  4. Kristen Stewart for Vanity Fair photographed by Mario Testino!

    Obsessed with this shoot.

  5. meghan collison @ Chanel Resort 2013

  6. Lagerfeld has often riffed on Rococo, but he has never staged an expression of his fascination for the era so literally in situ. There was much charm: a play on fichu necklines, straw cartwheel sun hats, and hints of a corseted, ruffly-skirted milkmaid silhouette. Still, despite the historical narrative, there were plenty of Chanel tweed jackets and suits on parade—regular, yet special enough for an older generation to buy into. The breathtaking scale of the entertainment, however, sent Chanel’s audience spinning. Being that it was Monday, the honey-colored palace and its vast vistas of topiary, pleached trees and water gardens were closed to the public, thus creating an enchanted world for guests to wander until they took their cushioned seats in custom-built, canopied pavilions edging a sequestered garden designed in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries to resemble an outdoor drawing room. Afterwards, champagne and canapés were served in a sparkling glass house, while the world’s press queued for an audience with Lagerfeld. “This was the place where the most civilized frivolity was allowed,” he said. “In the days before political correctness!” 

    As the euro teeters on the brink, it might not seem quite the moment for an extravagant fete of such an epic scale. But, then again, what could be more utterly patriotic in its graphic delineation of the luxury and skill that sets France apart from the rest of the world? Even as the French administration shifts into a more egalitarian mode tomorrow, there is something in the awe-inspiring pristine white dresses, detailed at the waists with rich imperial red or purple embroidery, that speaks to the common cause of an embattled European country. They preserve Chanel jobs—positions for the skilled workers of the atelier de broderie Maison Lesage—and everything that goes with it: exactly the kind of traditional Hollande says he wants to uphold.-sarah mower  vogue.com


    Tommy Ton for STYLE.com Streetwear at the Paris Couture Shows

    were in love with everyone wearing givenchy anything.

    (Source: style.com)

  8. Valentino Couture Details spring 2012

  9. Riccardo Tisci was inspired by two classic sci-fi like movies for his Spring 2012 couture collection.  Fritz Lang’s Metropolis 1927 is the first, and the second is a lesser known russian film, Aelita: Queen of Mars 1924  the music from which Tisci’s futuristic yet Deco inspired couture gowns were created. Everyone is on the Rooney Mara bandwagon with this set, which is a little frustrating to us- not that it isn’t smart to give people what they want, but we think Riccardo Tisci’s concepts are a bit deeper than lisbeth sander couture. The play of masculine and feminine beauty has been a constant in his work, and this collection takes that to the extreme.  We love that the crocodile skin, which is a very angular and menacing looking creature as well as pattern, was doctored completely into something delicate, smooth, and very fitting of a haute couture status. 

    The Cashmere blend tank tops are also a feature of these looks that we love, and as i find myself reminiscing about the 90s, this mixture of what everyone is referring to as high-low fashion is something that means a lot to me. We’re not 5th avenue bergdorf babies.  The cross of high and low end - masculine and athletic design with soft luxury detail turns out beautifully for Tisci and his lineup of Super-esque models.  The casual tank look is an ode to a masculine under dressing that is certainly the opposite of what most people think of couture-Perfectly compositional basketball and everything. <3

    oh wait did i mention the jewelry.. i wont get into it too much, but i will say that we have both had various facial piercings in earlier years, and to see things on the couture catwalks this year like pink hair, amy winehouse-ettes and septum rings that are both tribal, futuristic and retro goth, is surprising yet overdue


    pics via google image search and Vogue.com courtesy of givenchy !

  10. This video cracked us up.

    Way to go over at Jalouse magazine, for creating a successfully trendy yet un-annoying viral video.  This chic editorial video with adorable almost satirical voice over is so well done it’s not afraid to boldly say so. “Solid buzz, ya know, with the kids”.

    "Face of Diesel “Loverdose” , Ashley Smith, stars in an exclusive film for French publication Jalouse. Director Matthew Frost follows Ashely in a day in the life of a hip Parisian girl as she hits the stores and catches passersby’s attention.”fashiongonerogue


  11. Merry christmas to those of you celebrating! tell you families you love them, and enjoy the beauty of Chanel’s backstage video with them ha- Paris-Bombay pre fall 2012

  12. “Bêtes de mode” (Fashion Animals) is the name of this series by HELMO for the Lafayette Galleries in Paris.

    OLD but really awesome


  14. Urban Outfitters France:

    Huggies - Ensemble sel et poivre à motifs Exclusivité Urban Prix initial : 11,00 €
    Prix promo : 5,00 €

    Ce sont les mêmes bons huggies que nous connaissions déjà, mais ceux-là sont encore mieux ! Ajouter une touche de chintz dans votre cuisine grâce à cet ensemble salière et poivrière à fleurs.


  15. John Galliano Return to His own Label?

    On Galliano returning to his own label:

    Cathy Horyn for The New York Times writes:

    "On Thursday, I ran into a number of executives who work with LVMH, and they would speak only on the condition of anonymity because of their close dealings. One individual said there had been casual discussions among LVMH executives about the feasibility of Mr. Galliano returning to his own label. Would the media and the public accept his return? This individual said he thought so. Another executive with whom I spoke had the same view. He cited the appeal of Mr. Galliano’s ultrafeminine fashion and added that in recent years the designer had lost touch with that sensibility (and indeed reality). “It became a kind of Lady Gaga show, and he’s more talented than this,” the executive said."