1. Going Dutch

    We wanted to feel like a contemporary country maiden in something that could be worn out to a party and still have us feeling rolling-in-the-cornfield summer-y.  We have been feeling inspired not only by our recent milkmaid filled posts, but by hot hot weather, all-white trending, pigtails, and dutch paintings alike. We love a simple cotton and denim mixed with black patent leather Mary Janes and a crispy red apple.  We love the milky white and sky blue against the rusty old shed.  We love feeling like country Dutch sweetness walking on the city sidewalk, minimal makeup gives a fresh look and braids even sweeter. we kept all the accessories black for a grounded accent to contrast the girly pouf of white and light blue. 

    The whole loveliness of this outfit is its simplicity.  White H&M dress with  Levi’s Red label chambray button-down and Jeffrey Campbell Lowe cutout mary janes. A feminine and innocent enough vibe, which can really make for a simple but sexy country girl nextdoor look a la sookie stackhouse season one.  It’s always fun to contradict your character a little - we tried it with some cowboy turquoise and  Indian (/gwen stefani) inspired bindi and henna. 

  2. We can’t wait to wear for pre-fall!

    vintage blazer, basic babydoll- H&M shoes, Lundy by Jeffrey Campbell

    Now that the weather is turning we are excited to pull out the new(and vintage) pieces we haven’t gotten to wear yet due to the heat.  blazers and high socks are at the top of our list to try for fall. 

  3. Holly Smith and Sophie Cecile :) shooting! (Taken with Instagram)

    behind the scenes shooting for stardust magazine with sophie xu! 

  4. napples

  5. terrysdiary:

    Charlotte Free at my studio #4

    rings and overcast! all day

  6. goin to DA Beach! (Taken with Instagram)

    temporary purple hair color!

  7. hair by maureen at too fast. dress by holly

  8. 1llsociety:

    Outtakes from shoot number 3 for the senior thesis/ pop-up shop. April 9th-13th 10am-10pm 333 S. Broad St. in the 6th floor gallery of Uarts Anderson building.

    Custom shirt by Faking Fashion. Check out their blog at http://fakingfashion.com/

    Photo Credit: Steve Szejnrok

  9. yeah, i did it

    Taken with instagram

  10. Here Comes the Sun pt II


  11. My Nappa Dr Martens came in the mail today and purple laces <3 so in love

    nappas meet pages 

  12. Submitted!

    awesome headpeice

    Jewelry | Sofiyani LA [ShopSoLaOnline.com]

  13. heysophiehove:


    (Source: sonnyjayfordays)

  14. #jonmmmayhem #charlettehove

  15. fakingfashion-editorial-archive:

    Light side of the holidays.. Cara Delvigne in Fallen Angels by solve sundsbo for Vogue china december 2011 fashion director Nicoletta Santoro, looks by Alexander McQueen, dior, Versace and more  Makeup by Polly Osmond, Hair by Shon images via fashiongonrogue.

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