1. Anonymous said: Do you have any tips on developing personal style or a sense for fashion/ styling?!

    Check out this link from a previous question we answered!! 

    Aside from what is posted there, we’d say just be brave and try all sorts of looks to see what makes you feel you!  Keep an inspiration board or blog or folder somewhere with anything that inspires you. From there you only need concentrate on fitting your clothes for your body type so that you feel comfortable and confident. have fun with your outfits, and, honestly as cheesy as it sounds- its all about your attitude. Wear the clothes not vice versa.  If you radiate confidence and strength through your body language and nonchalance when speaking about your clothing choices , you will be able to pull off anything.  


  2. Marni’s Pre-fall 2013 collection shows some great styling choices for the bw stripe trend. 

    a layered hint of print for the first, an accessory for the second, and a third covered in a sheer obscuring fabric ! 


  3. fawn-of-the-dead said: Do you gals think it would look awkward if a girl with full hips wore a maxi high waist skirt but to make it look not so clunky just kept it light and form fitting on the top?

    No not awkward! we love girls with full hips trust me, your thinking is correct, tight up top but casual will give you the feminine shape up top to make you look thin so the maxi skirt can do what its supposed to- be big and flowy and shapeless. you want to wear it on the smalles part of your waist or just below it so that your tight shirt can show how small the waist is in contrast with those wonderful hips. it will make you look tall and thin and your hips will look great!  i find a sheer vest like this one helps me feel mor confident though if im not comfortable wearing a thin maxi over my hips… http://lookbook.nu/look/2167849-Orange-is-the-happiest-color

    not that  i would style this outfit this way exactly, but you can see what i mean about a little shrug or overlay piece that can make u feel less body concious by a million even if its tiny and lace.(also control top tights help us feel better)

    high waist and tight crop top is hol’s fave proportions haha so go for it confidently!!  as far as accessories and hair draw attention to your neck and feminine aspects so all the attn is not on the “hips” which im sure are lovely anyway!  hope this helps sorry its kind of late at night i might be giving rambling <3love u fiona! let us know if we can help more!



    Having trouble with your holiday party look?Solve Sundsbo captures Cara Delvigne as Decemers Fallen Angel for Vogue China.

    Go for an ethereal floating white look this party season, with flowing layers, pastel colors and snow inspired accessories!

    here are some styling/shopping inspirations!

    free people sequin capelet

    Asos Tulip Dress

    MAC Cosmetics gliter and ice mineralize eye shadow

    Nastygal camille dress

    monet mother of pearl necklace

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  5. Anonymous said: hi guys! I have to style a photoshoot soon, and i was wondering if you have any tips for styling? I have a lot of great clothes and accessories to choose from, but i'm not sure where to begin, or how to make sense of it all! It all just seems so overwhelming. Can you give me some advice, or what you guys try for when you style a shoot?

    Hi! thanks for asking for advice! sometimes it does get overwhelming, especially when you dont have the right type of dream closet or the best organizational skills (like me!!!) haha


    1.Talk to the people you are shooting with/for , and make sure there is a concept or theme that you are all in agreement with, or aware of at the least!

    2. do some research on that look/talk to the models/photogs involved if possible, or just google or tumblr some images for inspiration on your overall idea- ( it does not have to be strict or detailed- it can be as simple as -shooting vintage clothes- in bev hills-about the town- for example… try to get an image in your head of the shoot, and make sure its coherent with what your employer wants

    3. GO TO YOUR CLOTHES/ACCESSORIES! with all of this stuff in mind you should have a few pieces in your head you are already thinking of. Go for the key pieces you know will really make the shoot, or that exemplify  the “look” you are trying to create. go on then to style the complete outfits, accessories, props, to fit with them, it will automatically rule things out so you dont have to feel so overwhelmed. you are not bringing everything you have and want to show off- you are bringing the outfits that will illustrate the photographers vision and look good !! try to bring alternatives like a dress with two different sets of jewelry or hosiery so it can be worn different ways!

    4.Try to organize and make a list of everything you are bringing to keep track of it! use a suitcase and garment bags is my recommendation! make sure to bring clips and things to adjust the clothes if you have them

    5.Be creative! when you get to the shoot, make sure to talk again with those involved,  hair makeup etc..showing them the pieces you brought and explaining confidently your styling choices! Get the models together and look at the clothes, you can always see if they get really excited about a piece- you know that they will feel great in it and produce good photos!(hopefully)

    6.good luck and be polite and creative with the way you style your clothes!take chances!

    hope this helps!