1. Fresh designer spotlight!

    In our constant search for fine art infused with fashion, we have been recently enamored by new textile technologies! From extreme embroidery through the likes of Chanel’s couture team to boundful conceptual photographic prints from mary katrountzoe to blackmilk clothing.  Through Susie Lau’s style bubble, the work of designer ekaterina Gerasimova caught our eye for her intense iconographic imagery, avant garde styling and mixture of craft and technology.  Our friend says that we are a generation of digital natives, and to see this in all spectrums of design and art is exciting and revolutionary to say the least. 

  2. Meadham Kirchhoff 

    Meadham Kirchhoff sent a cute teddy-bear “Crismas” card from London—deliberately misspelled, of course—as an end-of-year souvenir of the subversive festival of all things girly, fluffy, and cute they conjured for their Lamb in Wolf’s Clothing spring 2012 show. (Edward Meadham tweaked a vintage children’s-party card to make this greeting as well as the show invitations). He and Benjamin Kirchhoff brilliantly restored London’s reputation for the art of entertainment and performance in 2011, choreographing dancing troupes of Courtney Loves and baby ballerinas, whilst simultaneously advocating a new kind of feminism. Quite incidentally, they also set off the craze for dip-dyed hair, which went everywhere after they showed it for spring 2011.-VOGUE.com

  3. Toasting Pamela Love’s win of the Ecco Domini Up and Coming designer awards !!

    (video via KannonVodkablog).

    LOVE this Brooklyn based New York Jewelry Designer :).


  4. okay, this is the best bag i have ever seen. i would literally fight someone over it. love ysl. leather and buckles.wow. holly

  5. i could really use a new makeup shopping trip to Saks

    via modelizing