1. Trying new things- styling with intimates at Free people! Holly wearing the Strappy front bra & Summer straps cami !

  2. Spring 2014 fashion weeks are proving that black and white is still going strong-even after labor day. Holly wearing truly madly deeply mineral wash crop tee from urban outfitters. We LOVE this tee shirt- have it in two colors and want it in all of them. It’s the perfect layering piece and light; comfy and trendy but subtle and classic at the same time. We went a little gothy-pin-up-y, inspired with the eyelet headband, red lipstick and quintessential cat eye.  The Anthropologie skirt is another lightweight and fun piece to wear that we picked up at an URBN sample sale; along with these crazy Jeffery Campbell x UO checkered, leather, peep-toe nightwalkers! 

    jeffrey campbell x uo shoes

  3. We’re enjoying the last of the sunshine before welcoming fall. The mornings and evenings are so chilly that summer outfits start off with and end up layered over in endless different ways; but we’re holding onto shorts and light colors.  Holly is wearing Free people faux leather shorts, pins and needles blouse, della x uo backpack, jeffrey campbell for uo platform boots and a lapis pendant from the smithsonian museum of natural history.  Wang inspired sunglasses from Shopjeen and bejeweled eyebrows for the last bit of warm weather fun.


    Note: We have been asked by an anonymous follower (very kindly) to no longer use face jewels as an accessory because it is “offensive and hurtful” to those who are a part of a bindi wearing culture. We appreciate the stance you take and welcome this conversation. a recent link we posted on facebook showed a series of portraits discussing this topic which we are well aware of.  These photos light heartedly reference several relgious cultures  based on a phenomenon of “tumblr girl” culture which is mixed up in its’ wide range of seemingly arbitrary appropriation.   We are truly sorry to have offended you, although we cherish our rights as artists to freedom of expression whether that is deemed appropriate or not.  It makes us sad that we could be disheartening to any female viewers, rather we will try harder to uphold our standard of empowering women. Hopefully if anything- a few people will see this and join the discussion of appropriation in art and culture- a limitless subject - not a new attack on south asian culture  perpetuated by selena gomez and katy perry. 

  4. PRETTY THINGS i have recently acquired…

    Fred Perry Duffel Bag, Jeffrey Campbell Lowe Cutout T-strap mary Janes and silence and noise mesh striped dress from urban outfitters. 

    my summer wardrobe is turning into a minimal but feminine mix of black and white plus primary colors with straight, bleached cropped hair,  a natural blush and eyeliner look and bright red and orange lipstick. 


  5. Holly by Charlette

    MISHKA Tshirt & pins, zana bayne harness, Bass shoes, urban outfitters shirt, socks and glasses, Baggu wallet

  6. Dark Rose- Elsa Hosk for Free People’s March Lookbook

    photographed by Anthony Nocella


  7. Anonymous said: How do i learn to be better at styling or putting together an outfit? I love fashion, and although I'm not a diehard fashion addict, i still collect photos on my desktop and blog things i like. But When it comes down to getting dressed and putting on an outfit my heart sinks! I get very overwhelmed and i can't think straight. I feel like whatever i put on looks wrong or doesn't work?! How can i get better at this? How can i put something funky and stylish together easily without it being boring?

    Our advice is to dress by the piece. 

    1.find one piece that inspires your mood or attitude for the day and start there.

    2. take in account where you will be going and what you will be doing that day

    so you have a crazy pair of printed tights that you want to try out, but youre only going to the movies so you want to dress them down, where them under jean shorts with a t shirt and some jewlery to keep it trendy and cute.

    or you have an adorable babydoll dress and you want to make it an everyday outfit, throw a button down underneath and a pair of black jeanss.

    Style.com’s coverage of runway shows is always good for checking out how the designers are styling the seasons trends and cuts, and keepdoing what you are doing(collection inspiring pictures). Try checking out a website you would like to shop from and seeing what their lookbook outfits are.

    use your mood to start small and build an outfit. sometimes we will try on 5 possibilities with one shirt before settling( and holly picks out and tries on her clothes for the next day before she goes to bed) this helps, too with the second guessing. you can even take a picture and sleep on whether or not you think the outfit makes sense if it makes you more confident and thats really what makes you look good :) <33

  8. Outfit for Renegadeee.

    Long day! Work and then Pedro the Lion’s Dave Bazan at First Unitarian with @tombastian and @sbastian, Renegade Craft Fair tomorrow in Brooklyn!! ❤ Yay


    (ps: it’s okay to wear band tees that are old and cool looking even if you don’t know or like the band. Don’t let people music-guilt you!) 

  9. Holly did some SALE shopping today after work, grabbed a few pieces we have been wanting for a while now:

    French Seven deadly sins tee

    Silence & Noise Lydia shirtdress on sale! $39.99

    little ears headband lol

    The Shirtdress is so lovely and I can’t wait to wear it with my zana bayne harness.  The seven deadly sins tee is all over the internet and all over everyone who shops at urban outfitters, but i still couldn’t resist after 2 months of staring at it. such a great fitting cut also. 

    Shop Sale at Urban Outfitters

  10. perfect, short and sweet denim bustier by silence and noise . Part of the outrageous OMG SALE at Urban outfitters, going on now! free shipping and crazy deals while it lasts! We are definitley going to use this chance to buff up our summer separates and festival pieces like this cropped silence and noise top!   

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  13. We definitely are a bigger fan of Elisa Sednaoui’s look than Katy Perry’s.  Skins’ “Effie”- actress Kaya Scodelairo, was to the left of Elisa, looking safe but beautiful nonetheless and we are happy to see her there! who’s look do you like best of the three?

    via here and here

  14. WILDFOX COUTURE spring 2012 even cowgirls get the blues

  15. play dress up over at h&m’s virtual dressing rooms

    we love the models, there are some adorable and familiar faces like luisa bianchin and some cute clothes„ practice your styling game!