1. cutest mohawk ever. take that miley!

    daphne groenveld by mark segal voge japan november 2012

    Secret Of the Golden Monkeys Chatter

  2. Karlie Kloss

    Vogue Japan

  3. Karlie Kloss

    Vogue Japan

  4. Karlie Kloss

    Vogue Japan

  5. Karlie Kloss

    Vogue Japan

  6. Karlie Kloss

    Vogue Japan

  8. glamour:

    from Prada’s sunglasses presentation, produced by Anna Dello Russo for Fashion’s Night Out in Japan. Photo: Courtesy of Prada

  9. backupff:

    Charlette’s trip to Japan: iPhone pics: first update!!

    Louis Vuitton window display in Japan

  10. Charlette’s trip to Japan: iPhone pics: first update!!

    Osaka Namba !! Huge Shopping Train Stop.


  11. SO!!

    I am home from Japan and only have a few photos I can post now because my camera is WAY dead dead dead…so this will be my very first update: all photos via my iPhone so I had to edit quite a bit. EXPECT MORE WITHIN THE NEXT FEW DAYS <3.

    -Charlette <3.

  12. Valentino trench and Christian Louboutin shoes


    Narita International Airport, Tokyo

  13. too cute too.

  15. Sorry I’ve been out for a week: doing the Japanese exchange program with students from Osaka. I loved our group so much !! I miss them already: Akiko, Shuto and Shoko. Cuties !!

    Anyway: Here is our collaborative installation.

    Yarn, Paper, Aluminum, Glass and Sumi ink.

    Magazines, Newspapers, and Americana.

    <3.Charlette Hove.

    Photo’s courtesy of myself and Hollz.