1. marc jacobs launches new perfume OH LOLA! with Dakota Fanning as the face of the campaign. im a huge fan of the photo, but its gaining controversy from people who believe 17 is too young for this suggestive photo? (bottle between her legs) what do you think?

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  10. kittosin answered: hot
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  16. plaguewidow answered: meow
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    marc jacobs is a piggy, but i love his perfumes…thank god another ladies perfume is coming out!
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  20. darthjadar answered: Dakota Fanning has done much more controversial things at a younger age than having a perfume bottle between her legs, yeah?
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  23. skidamarinkcookies answered: sadly, the commercial world loves it.
  24. styleguise answered: It’s just resting in her lap, right? Its not like she is straddling it. I love her and I love Marc Jacobs, I declare no controversy! haha
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  26. undisputeddiva answered: oh please. she’s holding a bottle in her lap. people can get over it. AND its not THEIR kid doing the campaign, let her do what she wants
  27. jbohbih answered: People are stupid, and Dakota Fanning is a grown ass, classy girl. /haterzgonnahate
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    I think the title of the article Is more offensive than the picture (Dakota Fannings Suggestive New Marc Jacobs Ad- Is...
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    it’s oh lola! follow up to lola, like daisy eu so fresh was the revamped daisy.
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    Oh, grow up people. It’s not even like she’s wearing skimpy clothing. It’s just wildly suggestive. The girl is...
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  41. fer0z answered: nah. f it’s her chosen to be d face, so b it. bsides, d art bhind this campaign shudnt b a hindrance.
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  43. creativemelancholic answered: Err, no. I think it’s fine. People are getting their panties in knots, why?
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  49. lliminal answered: This is not “suggestive” at. all. People need to stop looking for things to demonize.
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