1. Runway to Celebrity inspiration

    1. Kate Hudson in Balmain resort 2014

    2. Minka Kelly in Monique Lhullier resort 2014

    3. Diane Kruger in MAry Katrantzou resort 2014

    4. Crystal Reed in Carolina Herrera Pre-fall 2013

    Kate Hudson is getting mixed reviews on this choice, but we love the ornate denim quilting and embroidered embellishments.    Both dresses are trendy and modern  but at the same time country and sweet like gingham and criss crossed pie crust. 

    Diane Kruger and Crystal Reed’s digital floral prints are more of the same- classic femininity and modern graphic contrast. Katrantzou’s print looks like a rose trellis faberge egg.We love the soft colors for late summer and pre-fall, especially accented by dark indigo and oxblood. 

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