We are obseesed with Olympia Le Tan’s FW13/14 accessories collection, schnitzel with noodles. the milkmaid sensibility is a favorite of ours and we love the washed out colors, demure feminine lines and sensual natural beauty and hair. Puritan influences and ironies make a bold statement especially in black and white.  Olympia Le Tan’s pale pink, ice blue, black and red clutches with their embroidery and old english letters are the perfect accent to this look. Dark details like devilish embroidery, ritualistic symbols, garters and belts give an clandestine edge to the fairy tale maiden.  

    1.Yuliana Dementyeva by Nikolay Biryukov giving Amish vibes for Elle Ukraine August 13 in black and white with soft braided hair and pink cheeks,and apron inspired frocks and blouses.

    2. Ulyana Sergeenko’s  Fall 2013 Couture collection takes an “orthodox turn” from her fairy tale visions, but still creates a pale maiden from a dark fantasy. 

    3.Gabby Westbrook-Patrick is a country cabin girl in Sky Line by Darren McDonald for Sunday Style (Australia) 7th July 2013.  

     Olympia Le Tan FW1314 collection Schnitzel with Noodles Here

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