1. Neck Up/Knees Down

    “‘Neck up/Knees Down’ explores Schiaparelli’s interest in the area from the waist up through hats and jewelry and Prada’s interest in that of the waist down through shoes and other footwear. For both designers, these accessories carry the poetic essence of their creative vision, serving as undiluted expressions of their most fantastical impulses. Defined by an ironic, quixotic playfulness, they often function as potent sexual and psychological metaphors. Frequently, they are distinguished by their dramatic shapes, and are inspired by the same science of line, form, color, and volume as painting and sculpture. Indeed, in their originality, uniqueness, and aesthetic qualities, these accessories are miniaturized works of art.” 

    Naif Chic

    "While chic is generally a consensus about what is fashionable, Schiaparelli and Prada challenge this consensus through subversive, countercultural associations … ‘Naif Chic’ takes the sugary sweetness of children’s clothes and transposes it unexpectedly and somewhat disconcertingly to the ‘not so young.’"

    "The ‘Surreal Body’ circumvents the conventional meanings conveyed by dress and asserts a sexual and psychological component through trompe l’oeil illusions and unexpected juxtapositions of materials and imagery."

    Prada: ”My fall 2004 collection examined the concept of fake beauty, of beauty stripped of any nostalgia. I extended this idea into the fashions themselves, and included computer-generated prints that simulated techniques such as pleating. You had to look very closely to realize that they were all fake.”
    Photo: Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
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