1. Blondey blonde blonde.

    We’re  baaaack!


    Took a little break from posting while getting our lives in check. We both started new full time jobs, Holly as a Display and Merchandizing TL for Urban Outfitters Flagship store3 and Charlette as a Beauty Advisor with Estee Lauder. TRYING to get some leeway in the menial fashion scene that is Philadelphia. TRYING to get ourselves straight after working hard creating  artwork all last Summer. TRYING to get our love lives under control (oh god a whole other story) & TRYING to blend our fashion interestes into our working practices. Last but not least- TRYING to start this beauty of a blog up again. Bare with us.  We’ve got some great pictures, stories and styling advice to share with you in the near future and a whole new way of doing things than before.

    In the meantime, 

    We recently began a partnership with DanCentrone Films, working on their latest Jah lil Beats video, and also worked as Art Direction and Styling peeps for 1ll Society’s new SS 13 Collection. Keepin’ busy busy. Checking into our Bernadette Film with Zimbo Films soon and looking for a space equally as perfect as our Ophelia: 2012 installation.

    Good things!

    Now that we’ve caught up, lets start bloggin’ about some fashion yo.

    love h and c (hugs and cisses).


  2. Anonymous said: What have you ladies been up to?? Little quiet around here!

    short hiatus be back soon<3 h+c


  3. Anonymous said: Any tips for looking hella cute but staying cool during Bonnaroo?!!! Is there anything you wish you had when you went but forgot??

    invest in a lightweight parasol and a sturdy bathing suit top! spray colors in your hair to distract from the messiness/dirtiness , waterproof eyeliner and a small purse that holds just enough (money cell phone etc) and still looks adorable.(preferably with a shouulder strap) <333 pick out all your outfits before hand and dont forget to bring a small mirror just for peace of mind! xoxh

  4. karlie is channeling 90s supermodel at the MTV Movie Awards<3

    (via supermodelgif-deactivated201409)

  5. Crystal Renn is the most beautiful pirate gypsy princess ever for Free People April

  6. more Marc Jacobs geometrics

    Delfine Bafort for modern weekly china via fashiongonerogue

  7. Karlie Kloss in Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 rtw by Marc Jacobs

  8. Casual Spring wardrobe inspiration

    denim and tees,  leather, all white

    grungey hair, natural makeup, sundress and sneakers

    Codie Young for LOVE magazine by Gen Kay 

  9. Becky and her stunningly long and natural red hair wearing Prabul Gurung for Target on Easter.

  10. Charlette in black on Easter. Leather watch by Casio via AA

  11. Holly in Dolce Vita Dress, Members Only Jacket Bass shoes and Urban outfitters socks. 

  12. Dark Rose- Elsa Hosk for Free People’s March Lookbook

    photographed by Anthony Nocella

  13. Diane Kruger at The Host book and film signing in Carven shirt, Vanessa Bruno skirt, and Christian Louboutin shoes Vogue.com


  14. #Iggyazalea

    (Source: lahmattire)

  15. A.W.A.K.E. by Natalia Alaverdian