1. A.W.A.K.E. by Natalia Alaverdian

  2. A.W.A.K.E. by Natalia Alaverdian

  3. A.W.A.K.E. by Natalia Alaverdian


  4. @jahlilbeats @_youngchris @dancentrone

    did the set for these boysss 😘

  5. hollymgolightly:

    @jahlilbeats @youngchris #moneyhoesandclothes music video set w @charlettehove directed by @dancentrone

  7. we love Soirse Ronan

    photographed by rankin styled by cathy edwards, hair raphael salley, makeup atami nshimura and nails zarra celik

  8. Yulia Lobova for Harpers BAzar Ukraine 3/13 by Federica Putelli


  9. Anonymous asked: Do you have any tips on developing personal style or a sense for fashion/ styling?!

    Check out this link from a previous question we answered!! 

    Aside from what is posted there, we’d say just be brave and try all sorts of looks to see what makes you feel you!  Keep an inspiration board or blog or folder somewhere with anything that inspires you. From there you only need concentrate on fitting your clothes for your body type so that you feel comfortable and confident. have fun with your outfits, and, honestly as cheesy as it sounds- its all about your attitude. Wear the clothes not vice versa.  If you radiate confidence and strength through your body language and nonchalance when speaking about your clothing choices , you will be able to pull off anything.  


  10. Charlette by Holly. 

  11. Probably the best sweatshirt ever,ribbed graphic spray painted marie antoinette - Sister by Sibling fall winter 2013 runway show . quite wearable post scarf although we love the nod to marie antoinette’s famous topheavy silhouette haha. 

  12. Vivienne Westwood Fall 2013 

  13. hothaute:

    Imagine you’re like in a party and somebody tells you “somebody died fast we need to go to the funeral” and you’re just like


    always the industrial designer- Hussein Chayalan fall 2013 rtw

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  14. find us something like this.

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  15. Sophie for Faking Fashion

    Harley Davidson boots, vintage vest, Baggu leather tote, Disney hat